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Do you love the English language?

Do you love really, really good food? 

Did you know that here in Britain we have one of the richest food cultures in the world, and much of this is reflected in our words and expressions and idioms?

This is the place to be...

We are Kayte and Nicer Kate and we have been great friends and colleagues for donkey's years.

Our website is full of amazing recipes, history, language, stories,  cultural insider-tips and informative videos. 

We speak a number of languages between us, and we have both lived overseas, and so we know what it is like to be the stranger in a strange land. If you are new to living in Britain, then we hope we can help you feel at home. If you are coming here for a trip or a holiday, we hope we can give you some ideas of some properly British things to try.  And if you're British already, we hope you'll enjoy some of the lesser-known stories behind the food on our table and the language it has given us. 

With Eat Your Words, we can show everyone how much amazing food we have in the UK, and the long history and the hugely varied culture behind it. We look at how British food has been shaped by all the different nationalities, religions and cultures that have ended up on our shores, and how this has come to influence the way we speak now.

We also go into the many unusual traditions, bizarre customs and strange everyday expressions that we Brits use so happily... but which can be so confusing to anyone else.

Make yourself at home...

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If you want to the personal touch, please email us - do you have a specific question you would like answered, a recipe that you are not sure about, or a quirk of the language you just can't work out, then let us know.


British Bog Snorkelling

Ever wondered what a jobanowl does and why? Or how you can win a flitch?

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