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The ‘Sixy’ Guide to British Festivals

In Britain, we do love a bonkers festival.

If you happen to be in the countryside on any given weekend, then head to the local pub: you may well find a daft competition going on – a race, a flonk, a roll, snorkel or dash. These are often open for anyone to enter and will certainly give you a tale to tell.

So, if you are headed to the UK this summer, or if you live here and fancy something different to do at the weekends, then please download our free guide.

If we have missed one you want to know more about, let us know in the comments box, and we will get right on it. Pop your details in below and we will hand deliver it to your inbox.

We promise, however, not to send you daily spam emails. We hate them as much as you do. Once a month, if you are up for it, we will send you a little recap of things you might have missed, some exclusive content and some useful tips on the language, culture, food, traditions and history of the UK.


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British Bog Snorkelling

Ever wondered what a jobanowl does and why? Or how you can win a flitch?

Looking for unusual things with which to fill your summer weekends?

Our FREE GUIDE to a summer full of oh-so-British (and ever so slightly odd) festivals has the answers. 

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