Kayte and Nicer Kate of Eat Your Words

A Survival Guide to the UK, and the British

Are you curious about the UK?

Do you ever wonder about British festivals, food, expressions, and our obsession with our weather and our dogs? Why do we say 'sorry' all the time, even when we are not?

Kayte and Nicer Kate will be your guide.

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The UK. A tiny island nation, obsessed with tea, warm beer and dogs. The nation which invented cricket, that wonderful game which requires good weather, and for five whole days, and is so complicated that much of the world does not understand it, yet can still beat us at it, every year.  

We say sorry when we think it's your fault, we join a queue just to see where it takes us, we have something called Spotted Dick...and we expect you to put it in your mouth. 

Of course,  much of this is cliche...but in cliche there is truth.

This is for people who have to live, work and play amongst the British. For people who want to get to grips with the peculiarities of British culture, humour, food and tradition. For people who want to understand the sort of language which is really spoken here. And for people who don't take it all too seriously.

Kayte teaches advanced English to non-native speakers, with a huge focus on idiom, and colloquialism and vernacular, and so often gets asked about how and why we use expressions in the way that we do.

Nicer Kate’ is a cook, an award-winning baker and brewer, and often teams up with Kayte at the Brilliant English Company to give food and language workshops, to prove that we Brits have one of the richest food and language cultures in the world.

Welcome to Eat Your Words.

dejuner sur l'herbe


"Working in a different country can be very challenging, not only because of the language barrier, which in itself really does reduce your level of confidence and your understanding of different situations, but even more because of the cultural differences that really affect my life. Instead of trying to brainwash me into "becoming a Brit" Kayte always focused on how I would react, as Mediterranean, to certain situations and then showed me a different angle from which to approach. And so far? A great outcome!"

— Pippo Ajroldi, Area Manager Major Accounts - UK Government, Gartner"

“Thank you to Kayte and Kate for your help in settling in when we moved to the UK from Italy. Thanks for explaining to us all the nuances of the British culture and the little secrets behind British business and social code, which made us feeling so welcome. However, we will never eat pizza and Marmite anymore!.”

— Daniela Palazzolo, Senior Consultant at Heron, Parexel


"The UK and Japan can be very different, and living in the UK can be challenging, both because of the language but also because we don't always understand why people say or do certain things. 

When you begin to learn this side, everything becomes much easier. Nicer Kate really helped with this. In the end, I was living comfortably there. AND the food is much better than many people think."

 - Yumiko Tanaka Kosaka, PR at Significant Signifie, Tokyo

British Bog Snorkelling

Ever wondered what a jobanowl does and why? Or how you can win a flitch?

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